First and foremost, Omega Phi Alpha is a service sorority. As a National Service Sorority, Omega Phi Alpha prides itself on its dedication to community service. Every semester, the sisters of Phi Chapter go above and beyond the national requirement of 25 hours, with some completing as many as 160 hours in a given semester.

Omega Phi Alpha is also characterized by the diversity of its service. Phi Chapter performs service in each of the following areas every semester:
  • service to the university community
  • service to the community-at-large
  • service to the members of the sorority
  • service to the nations of the world
  • service related to the national president project
  • service related to the national permanent project

Past Service Projects

Permanent Project: Mental Health: NAMI Walk

The NAMI Walk is a fundraising event for mental health awareness. Our sisters participated in Phoenix’s walk and supported those who suffer from mental health.

National President’s Project: Homelessness: St. Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul is a non-profit organization focused on providing individualized care, nourishment and resources to those most in need. Our organization helped them to organize their donations, restock their shelves and prepare food.

Nations of the World: Salam Neighbor

As a chapter, we watched the documentary Salam Neighbor and learned about the lives of Syrian refugees. We also collected items to donate to International Rescue Committee Phoenix.

Community at Large: Trees Matter

Through Trees Matter, we were able to distribute trees to the general public so they can educate themselves on trees and become advocates for trees. We educated the public on the benefits of planting trees such as providing shade, reducing pollution, reducing dust and more.

University Community: Night of the Open Door

Our sisters volunteered at Night of the Open Door on the Tempe and Downtown campuses. Every year ASU invites the local community to visit any of the five campus locations, allowing visitors to explore the innovative spaces at ASU.

Members of the Sorority: Tap Someone

This activity provides a meaningful opportunity to connect and spend some time appreciating a group in a meaningful way. Sisters were asked to put paint on their hands and then anonymously touch a sister who they believe embodies the statement that is read aloud.

Local Permanent Project: Girl Scout Badge Day

As our chapter’s local project we invited Brownies to attend a day full of fun activities that would help them earn their friendship and painting badge. Each station helped them learn valuable skills they can use every day.