IMG_3110OPhiA does not participate in Formal Recruitment. Instead, we opt for a more informal process of recruiting girls and hold our own recruitment by hosting a series of events at the beginning of each semester. Recruitment is an important time for our chapter as it is how we meet new girls to welcome into our sisterhood.

Recruitment is a two-fold process.  The first part will have several information sessions so potential new members can learn more about our organization and determine if Omega Phi Alpha is the right sorority for them. The next part will have activities that are based on our three principals of Friendship, Leadership and Service.  Past events have included campus scavenger hunts, crafting and letters to troops. Potential new members must also attend a formal interview. After interviews are completed, girls will receive a phone call that night and learn if they have received a bid. If extended a bid, girls are then invited to attend a weekend of fun events culminating with our secret tradition of Induction where new members officially accept their bid and become new members of Omega Phi Alpha, Phi Chapter.

To receive a bid, girls must be an ASU student with a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher. If you are an incoming freshman, you will need a cumulative high school GPA of 3.00. Potential new members will need to present an unofficial transcript. Girls who plan on becoming recruited will be required to sign and agree to comply with the Chapter Academic Policy and the National Drug and Alcohol Policy. We are a drug and alcohol free sorority. You will not be permitted to continue the new member process without these forms signed. Meeting both of these requirements does not mean you will be obtaining a bid. New member class size will vary depending on how many new sisters the active chapter can reasonably accept. New member classes typically range from 10 to 25 sisters.

In order to go through recruitment with Omega Phi Alpha, it is required to attend at least one recruitment event and interview night. Bids will be offered via phone call.

All recruitment events are casual so wear what you are comfortable in. Interview night, however, is business casual.

Sidney Covarrubias is our current Membership director. Please feel free to e-mail her if you have any questions at

Fall 2018 Sisterhood Retreat

Check out this video that one of our sisters put together! We had an incredible retreat at Camp Pinerock in Prescott where we laughed, bonded, and made unforgettable memories!

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