As one of our three cardinal principles, leadership plays a vital role in the experience of sisters of Omega Phi Alpha. Whether she has a position on the Executive Board or not, every sister is committed to serving others and presenting a positive image of Phi Chapter. Listed to the left are the 2015 Executive Board and Officers and their e-mails. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions about our organization, our policies and procedures or event opportunities

Community Involvement

Phi Chapter prides itself on consistently maintaining a higher than average grade point average (GPA) and in the past has won the top GPA of all of Greek Life.
Many sisters are also involved in a diverse range of other organizations on and off the Arizona State campus including but not limited to: Residence Hall Association, National Residence Hall Honorary, Undergraduate Student Government, Devil’s Advocates, Barrett Leadership and Service Team, American Medical Student Association, Society of Engineers, and many others.
Omega Phi Alpha has a strict no-alcohol policy, which Phi Chapter respects and upholds: all OPhiA sponsored events are drug and alcohol free.


Contact our executive board & officers

2017-2018 Executive Board & Officers

       President                        VP of Standards                   VP of Service                 VP of Membership

img_6047.jpg              img_6000-e1515613012185.jpg              img_6037.jpg              img_6031.jpg

Manali Chavan                            Ellie Miller                      Maria San Andres                       Alyssa Tong

VP of Sisterhood            VP of Administration            VP of Finance                  Academics Chair

IMG_6013              img_6009.jpg              img_6023-2.jpg              img_3746.jpg

Jasmine Truong                   Sydney Harrison                   Kaitlin Johnsen                    Rowan Stewart

Alumnae Liaison           Active District Officer           Insignia Chair                       Formal Chair

img_3740.jpg              img_6007.jpg              img_6043.jpg              img_6034.jpg

Madeleine Ordiway            Mikayla Morehead                 Sophia Qamar                      Melanie Miller

Fundraising Chair                    Historian                           LOA Liaison                 University Outreach

img_6003.jpg              IMG_5997              img_6019.jpg              img_6016.jpg

Tori Frazier                                   Carly Henry                           Allison Gray                        Delaney Billig

Public Relations Chair


Angela Dunay